An Ode to Lake Atitlan

Robbie Griffin
2 min readMay 18, 2021

I am deeply grateful for this lake

I feel her holding me, a loving embrace

Allowing me to fall apart and feel whole

On a pilgrimage to the light of my soul

Pure majesty as her waves bless the shore

Flowing and crashing

Kissing the land

Flowing and crashing

Rolling the sand

Being here, breathing with her

Taking in her simplicity

Polarised complexity

Her grace and immensity

Allowing the wisdom of my senses

To bring me to presence

The natural rhythm of nature’s song

Intricate and mysterious

Reminding me of where I am from

Breath and exhale

Helping me to release

Breath and exhale

As the waves ebb and flow


Reflecting the skyline, the sunset, the silhouette

The ripples grow as her ally the wind comes and goes

As the night deepens the moon shines bright

The stars sparkle like jewels in the water

As I feel the tides of acceptance wash over me

Settle and surrender

The mind wants to distort and distract

Settle and surrender

As my heart spills opens

The depth of emotion arises

And as I surrender she touches my soul

I feel her waves

A dark and ancient cradle

Tenderly weaving a new way

Unravelling all dissolution

Feeling the magnitude of this landscape

For millennia an ancient knowledge has been shared

Between the choir of the water

And the stoney silence of the shore

The freedom of water flowing

Without thought of where it comes

or what awaits it

My honour is paying daily homage to her elegance



Robbie Griffin

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