Have you really gone?

Robbie Griffin
1 min readMay 25, 2021


A part of me is in disbelief

Not accepting this as truth

So much left unsaid

Your struggle has been heart breaking

Fighting to hold on

The confusion, the disillusions

The cruelty of a disease

That steals the mind of a genius

And now you have surrendered

Letting go, to a place of inner tranquillity

Waves of grief wash over me

Sadness that it could be a while till I see you again

May there be a beautiful welcome for you

In your new home

May your soul shine

As it returns to the place of rest

I am deeply grateful

For all the memories we created

For all the wisdom that you shared

For all the love that we experienced

Celebrating you and your life

All you created

Your beauty and kindness

The legacy that you leave

With the deepest of reverence

RIP Ollie G

I love you

You will always be in my heart



Robbie Griffin

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