Men Matter

Robbie Griffin
1 min readMar 24, 2022

I spent a lot of my life trying to prove my worth

Accolades, goals, the next thing, bigger, better.

Driven by a belief that was how I proved myself as a man.

Coming from feelings of inadequacy.

There was a deep seeded belief in me,

That to succeed as a man

I had to achieve.

This is a core masculine wound.

Its deeply entrenched in our psyche

Focussed, like an arrow

Prepared to sacrifice my truth

To provide, to prove, to feel I was enough

This is deeply associated with

the old definition of masculinity.

Mans need to sacrifice himself

to prove his worth to the tribe.

Dying in battle, for the collective.

We are dispelling this belief

Collapsing this dated way of treating man

Realising that men matter

They don’t need to do anything,

Or be anyone. Just be

A new definition of masculinity is emerging

The power to stand up,

Live from the core, in our truth

Exposing our essence

Only then once we’re relaxed with just being

When the pretended and striving drops

Throwing off the conditioning of thousands of years

Will we thrive as men

and our true purpose will be felt

In our bodies, bones and balls



Robbie Griffin

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