Shadow; menace to manumission

Robbie Griffin
2 min readJul 28, 2021


The shadow is sneaky, conniving, cunning.

Jeopardising and sabotaging our dreams.

Dictating our decisions and our behaviours.

It is there whether we like it or not.

The path is learning to befriend them…

We all have shadow.

Any part we disown within us, turns against us.

If we ignore, repress, or suppress these parts.

It leads us on a continuous loop of negative patterns.

That is what the shadow wants.

This is what feeds, reinforces and makes the shadow more powerful.

It sucks our energy, our life-force.

It is multi layered and very intelligent.

It has been in our psyche affecting our daily decisions since infancy.

“Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it Fate”. Karl Jung

A client recently shared with me

He could feel himself falling deeply in love

It is what he thought he wanted

Suddenly he found himself pushing her away

Resisting, wanting to run

He felt trapped

There was a fear of opening fully

Expressing the true vulnerability of his heart

Dropping the walls of protection and exposing himself

A fear of getting hurt, of being abandoned

To play it safe he kept part closed

When we do this work of integrating our shadow

We become much more capable of manifesting the life we desire

Because we are no longer unconsciously rejecting it

When we don’t know how to become conscious of our unconscious

We will be controlled by it

Meaning we will be limited by repetitive negative patterns

Feed by our disowned unconscious desires . . .

This session was huge for my client

It has shifted the trajectory of his life

He has a deeper understanding of how his shadow

Has been dictating the show

He is more aware of when he is projecting on his partner

He has a greater compassion for the part within that feels abandoned

He has more confidence, ease, and capacity to vulnerably express

He has the courage to love deeper

It is so important for our own evolution and the evolution of the collective consciousness….



Robbie Griffin

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